Attorney Bios [Microsites]

Statistics show attorney bios are the most viewed area on, and you have more options to make your bio stand apart from others. One feature is the ability to create specific tabs to showcase individual areas of your practice. These tabs may also include specific experience entries for that area.

We also have the ability to include client quotes, featured experience and publications as a sidebar to the content of your bio. Click here to see an example.

At Dinsmore, we document experience a little differently to truly showcase our talent. Instead of providing clients with a laundry list of accomplishments, we prefer to tell story of our quality and demonstrate our unique abilities to help clients. We use these examples in RFPs to potential clients, so having examples that truly showcase the Dinsmore difference is very important to gaining future clients.  Some of our more robust examples end up as featured experience entries. These require approval and input from the client.

If you would like help documenting your experience for your bio, Tom Lange, our website content specialist, can help you craft an entry that highlights the client’s needs, your actions and the results you helped your client obtain.

Even if your practice doesn’t lend itself to additional tabs, it’s important to review your bio periodically to make sure it accurately represents you and your practice. If you have minor edits such as adding a membership or affiliation, please contact Tom Lange.


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Attorney Bios [Microsites]